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1st Battalion, 1st Marines
1st Marine Division (REIN), FMF
FPO San Francisco, California 96602

Headquarters & Service Company
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Republic of Viet Nam

The RVN was different things for different people. Even for the same person it meant different things at different times. It was horrible and beautiful.  A day took forever or flew by in an instant. It was senseless and in many ways was the most sensible place in the world. Whatever your experiences were, things are never the same after a tour of South Viet Nam.

Marine rifle battalions are made up of four rifle companies, an H&S company and attached units. Grunts do the primary work of the battalion. They put themselves on the line to take ground, hold ground and otherwise engage the enemy and destroy them. There is no more honorable job than to be a Marine grunt or Navy corpsman in a Marine rifle company. It's a job that asks the most and the only rewards are pride in getting the job done and knowing the people around you.

The grunts identified with their company and there is a bond and camaraderie that people who were not in that company can never know or feel. H&S personnel generally did not identify with H&S Company, but with their job in H&S. A lot of people came to H&S from line companies, or went to line companies from H&S.  For many, life in the battalion rear was definitely easier than being a grunt. That doesn't mean we were sitting around in lawn chairs waiting for afternoon tea. We did our jobs, so the Battalion could accomplish its objectives. This site attempts to describe the various jobs done by H&S, with some pictures and stories from the various components of 1st Battalion, 1st Marines, H&S Company from 1965-1971 in the Republic of Viet Nam.

This site starts out written from the perspective of an S-1 clerk in 1969. It is factual as far as I can remember. A lot of stuff happened before '69, and a lot of stuff happened after that. If you were with 1/1 H&S, please review the site, then contact Dan King to help fill in the blanks.

For those of us that were with 1/1, we are very proud of our time with the First of the First.

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If you were with 1/1 H&S or an attached unit and you have additions or corrections, click here for the contact page. Your contributions are welcome. This is part of your history and heritage, so it's your website. Welcome home.

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