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Alpha Battery, 1st Bn 11th Marines was a six gun, 105 mm artillery battery specifically assigned to support 1/1. The position of Alpha Battery was always well within firing range of the supported units. In addition to providing fire support, forward observer teams were supplied to each line company, to maximize efforts in the field. These teams usually consisted of an officer (Lt.) an enlisted FO and a radio operator. The exact make up of these teams varied according to availability of personnel. The battery also provided a forward unit to be attached to the 1/1 command group as liaison between Alpha Battery and 1/1. This was the Fire Support Coordination Center, or FSCC. This unit was often the interim assignment for FOs and radio operators before, and sometimes after their time in the field. The FSCC set up shop wherever the 1/1 command group was. Radio watches were manned around the clock, as was the case in the battery comm section.

Requests for fire missions were radioed to the Fire Direction Center, or FDC, at the battery. The grid coordinates were plotted, and the data relayed to the guns. Corrections were handled in the same manner. Alpha Battery moved with the battalion, ready to shoot on request 24 hours a day. The devotion of Alpha Battery to its duty enhanced 1/1s efforts in the field. Those of us from Alpha who served in the field with 1/1 share a sense of pride and belonging to the battalion, that continues today.

by Mike Enochs 1/1, A 1/11 '68-'69

Alpha 1/11F.O.'s Alpha 1/11Gun Plt


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